Monday, August 31, 2009

Andersen Family Christmas List ~

It is time to get your Chirstmas Wish List Together (at least for our family) because we have officially drawn names...

Dad ~ Tiffany
Mom ~ Sharon
Tiffany ~ Matthew
Steven ~ Crystal
Melissa ~ Preston
Matthew ~ Steven
Nicole ~ Mom
Brian ~ Melissa
Crystal ~ Dad
Shaorn ~ Nicole
Preston ~ Brian

Kimberely ~ Landon
Logan ~ Hailey
Owen ~ Katelyn
Hailey ~ Kimberley
Landon ~ Owen
Katelyn ~ Logan

So PRESTON, STEVEN, KIMBERLEY and OWEN What do you want???

P.S. Brian... I would like a Pink Pony Blow Up that I can ride on behind the boat ~ haha


Tiffany said...

Check out our wishlists....wait....I need to update them. I will get on that shortly. What does Matthew Bird want? I have no idea what to get please!

Nicole said...

Do you really want a pink pony? If so where would one get it?

Bird is the Word said...

a Big Blow Up Pink Pony I can hook up to the back of the boat please.... yessssss.....

Bird is the Word said...

P.S. I am not sure these things are avaliable... I was just wanting one...