Thursday, August 27, 2009


We have had a BUSY week so far! I am not doing well on keeping up on the blog... maybe once my house is back to normal with just TWO kids, I will get better...
So yeah, I am still Babysitting my girlfriends little boy. His name is Richard and he is a sweetie! He is just 4 months younger than Hailey, and for them being at the WONDERFUL age they are... they actually play quite well! ~ I am starting to think I could do the whole THREE kid thing... then I realize just because I can... does not mean I want to OR should... haha! ~

So on Monday Night we had F.H.E. (Family Home Evening for those who do not know) We had Lasagna for dinner, and a quick lesson. We got the kids to bed later than usual, but I made THE BEST BROWNIES EVER for dessert, so I did not care. It's funny to me that my day can be full of dirty diapers, tears, fighting, and just KIDS... and yet I can STILL look forward to the extra Brownies at the end of the night!

On Tuesday Night we went to the Last Fresno Grizzlies Home Game of the Season, and had a GREAT time with friends. Amber Cluff called me up and told me we better not have any plans, and we were invited to the game. Luckily it was yet another crazy day at home and I had not started dinner, so we got the kids ready and headed to KFC for dinner. They have a Tuesday Two piece Dinner for $2.99 and it was SO good! I love chicken! (And they were so nice to pick out some of the softer pieces of chicken for my sad little mouth) We got to the game a little late... Hailey had a little accident, and we got stuck behind a train going by, but we made it! It was alot of fun! Our group got on the Jumbo Tron like 10 times for doing crazy stuff. I guess it helps to have a bunch of cute kids that we can use... we had 5 cute kids willing to do whatever it took to get seen and become famous! One of my favorites was the "Air Guitar" and Matt held up Landon and started playing him like a guitar!! Travis says there was a guy who pulled off his prosthetic leg and played it as a guitar at the end of the song... but I am not sure if he is just making that up or not... anyone want to back him up?? Megan or Amber...??? The Grizzlies lost after 12 innings, but the Fireworks show at the end made up for the LONG game! ~ Landon was so tired, he even slept through the Fireworks. THANKS CLUFF'S for the INVITE!

And then LAST night we ate dinner, I made a wonderful Broccoli Chicken Casserole. It was very easy for me to eat this time. It was the first thing I made after the surgery and it was not so easy then, so I think I am healing... anyways after dinner Matt was checking to see if the movie I have been wanting to see was at Redbox... it was not, so he checked the $3.00 Movies. They were playing UP, and we SO wanted to see it! ~ We had 30 minutes until the show started and we were FAR from being ready to get out of the house with two kids! We got up and going QUICK, and go everything together, and only missed the previews! We made it just in time for the movie! It was SO cute! I loved it because it kept Hailey's Attention, and made Matt and I laugh too! I love the movies that can entertain Children and Parents! ~ Not only was it funny, but it had a wonderful message! I cried in the first 10 minutes, and loved the WHOLE thing! If you have not seen it, I think you are missing out! GREAT movie! ~

So my post is mostly about how busy we have been, but also about how being busy makes me STRESS! ~ I hate the feeling that I am not able to rest and relax, but I am SO thankful for a husband who is willing to drop everything and take the kids out for some fun! Tonight we will not be going anywhere... In fact I am babysitting Late for my girlfriend, and will be at home ALL DAY LONG! ~ I hope the kids nap so I can get a little break during the day! ~

I hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy the little fun things in life.

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Nicole said...

We need to try and take Katelyn to a movie to see if she will sit through one, hopefully up is at our $2 movies.