Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just a heads up...

I am STILL pretty "out of it" and when I say that I mean MORE than usual... and REALLY doped up on Vicodin (don't judge me... I have had children, and I know when I need to wen myself off it) BUT I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things... This is little Landon my chubbers... (the picture does not do him justice)... but he has food ALL over his face and arms and well.... everywhere. After this picture we HAD to strip him down and gave him a bath. I think he does this on purpose when he eats to get a bath!
And here are my little Bulldog Fans! Matt went to a Fresno Grizzlies Ballgame with our next door neighbors, so we pulled out the Fresno State Hats. I have a hat too, but mine is pink so I am not in the cool club! ( on a side note I am SO excited for the FSU Football Games)
This picture makes me laugh! Hailey is picking her nose and watching TV while Landon is all smiles for the camera! And the person holding these two sweeties is my baby sister Sharon. (She will kill me for putting this picture up) I am SO thankful for her coming to help us out while I get work done on my teeth! She is going to be a GREAT mommy! ~
And here is Landon on Grandpa Andersen's Birthday drinking some Apple Juice. 7 months and 1 week old! LOVIN' him some Juice! He is not a fan of bottles, so we went straight to the sippy cups!
And here is my little Princess Hailey taking a nap in her Big girl bed. Not sure if you can tell; so let me explain something for you... she has regular PJ's on, and she put TWO additional Princess Dress PJ's on top of that. Then to add to the outfit, she has her Light Up Princess Boots on. Yes I let her dress herself, and she can wear whatever she wants as long as she is napping in my book! ~ LOVE IT! ~


Kristen said...

YEAH! Love all the updates! So glad your surgery went well (minus the pain, of course) and that you had Sharon there to help you - SO nice!

So... funny story. I had to get my wisdom teeth out twice! When I was in high school, I got my wisdom teeth out. No problems. Went to college. Went to the dentist during college. He asks, "Have you had your wisdom teeth out?" as he looks at an x-ray. YES I HAVE!! Apparently, I originally had 6 wisdom teeth! And the first time around they only noticed 4 of them. So I had to get a second surgery to get the other 2 out. FREAKING SUCKY, huh. I had never heard of that happening to anyone else. And I was pretty mad about it. So I got my wisdom teeth out again a couple months before I got married. Ugh. So be glad you only have to do it once! : )

3richardsons said...

I think that Katelyn makes a mess when she is eating just to get a bath too! It is so cute that even Landon has a bulldog hat. Katelyn wants to take her clothes off more than adding ones except for when she finds one of my bras, she thinks she needs to add that to any outfit!

SuzQuez said...

I LOVE Hailey's dress up