Friday, April 16, 2010

Quick Trip

So Matt wanted to go Snowboarding "ONE LAST TIME" before the season was officially over. He planned a trip with his brother Chris, and that is what he is currently doing as I type.
I decided that because he was going to head to Stockton, I was going to swing by and visit with my family while he was out. We drove in late last night, and we are leaving early Saturday morning. This is a little bit of what is going on as I visit with my family . . .
Hailey is enjoying the Doll House and ALL the little pieces it holds...
(my sister Sharon made the Bow in her hair)
This was a FAVORITE toy of my younger siblings, my parents decided to keep it for the grandkids enjoyment!
Little Landon is sleeping in Uncle Preson's Bed ...
And Sharon and I are hanging out watching TV, and downloading pictures for my mother onto
We plan on going shopping after my mom gets home from work.

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Tiffany said...

Looks like Mr. Landon likes his blanket and pillow just like his big, am I awesome or what!?! Need to get working on one for Johnathon...and Evan.