Friday, April 9, 2010


I was tagged by my cousin Kristen, so I better get to my list so I can TAG others and learn more about them. I have to tell you 10 TRULEY HONEST things about me... here goes nothing...

1. I balance my checkbook more often then the normal person. Whenever I make a purchase or a deposit, I write it in right away. I think there is something comforting to me about knowing how much money I have at all times.
2. I eat Junk Food ALL the time! I say I am going to go on a diet, but I REALLY can't until all the Junk Food is out of the house. I just bought Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred (Thank You Lindsey and Sara) off Amazon because I NEED to loose this baby weight I have been holding onto! (the second child is KILLER)
3. Whenever people tell me go Right or go Left I have to look at my hands and make the "L" shape with my thumb and pointer finger to figure out which way to go. (your Left hand makes the "L" shape in case you need that for future reference)
4. I HATE "Stupid Girls". I know I may have acted like one when I was single, but I know I was NOT one! You know the girls who think they are ALL THAT. They put on this fake front like their life is SO perfect, and they never have any problems. Like the people on Facebook who put up dumb things for their status. We all get that you THINK your life is perfect because you tell us everyday but what we are really thinking... Is this girl for real??
5. Whenever I fart I own up to it. Matt laughes at me because he has never known a girl to "Own Their Farts" as he says it. Come on people... It's NATURAL! ~
6. When I go out with my girlfriends I get a little crazy. Nothing out of the ordinary for me, but I tend to let go and be "Single Melissa" before kids and marriage. I go dancing with some Mormon Friends at a local Country Bar and we just have TOO much fun! I am SURE all the people in the bar think we are WASTED, but we are probably the only sober ones in the bar. Just a group of girls having a good time!
7. I am scared to death to have another child. I know I had two before, but the last one REALLY threw me for a loop. Giving birth without ANY pain medication really messes with you. I have friends who have told me they WISH they could have a baby naturally... REALLY? I don't recomment it! Although the recovery is wonderful! :)
8. Ever since I had children I have a HARD time getting "in the mood" at the drop of the hat. I feel like I need to whole day to prepare myself for ... uhm... IT. Matt would like me to be more sponatneous like when we were first married, but It's REALLY hard for me... am I the only one??
9. I don't like ANYONE giving me Child Raising Advise UNLESS I ASK FOR IT. Whenever someone starts with "You can take this advise or leave it, but I think you should try this with Hailey ..." ... REALLY? Did I ask you? Becaue I am PRETTY sure I would ask your opinion if I cared about what you thought on the subject.
10. I love my snuggie. I really love when Landon comes up and snuggles with me in my snuggie. I would see these things on TV and think WHAT IDIOT came up with that? Now I PRAISE them! haha!

So that is it... 10 things you might not have known about me... being Honest really helps get some weight lifted off my shoulders... Let me TAG you now and help you lift some weights! ~
Can't wait to see your 10 TRULEY HONEST things girls! And make is Juicy WILL YA!?


Lindsey & Jared said...

Ahahahahaha I LOVE IT! Good luck with 30-day Shred, let me know how you like it.

Oh, and NO you are not the only one who has to prepare for IT all day! LOL HEART YOU

Nicole said...

Yea, you are not the only one who has to prepare for IT. Brian thinks that right after I get done feeding and changing Johnathon in the morning I should be ready to go because he likes it in the morning but I can't get in the mood at the drop of a hat either. Once the kids are in bed at night it is easier but the kids totally mess with your sex drive!