Monday, April 5, 2010


I love setting out the Easter Baskets and goodies ~
The kids got PJ's, Clothes, The CareBear Movie, and candy this year.
I was going to put out their Sunday Easter Clothes, but it was just too much. I get practical things for them, but they think they are getting spoiled... yeah... that is how I roll! :)
I like to get a little something for Matt and I too...
I laugh whenever I see this picture of Hailey because she looks JUST like I did when I was younger in the pictures my parents have of me. Hair all messy! HAHA! She will thank me later for that one! :)
Hailey was trying to put an Egg on her nose.
While Landon ate his candy.
The best thing about Easter this year was that it landed on Conference Weekend.
What a better way to remember our Savior than to listen to our Latter Day Leaders Proclaim his Gospel!
I hope you all had a Happy Easter!!

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