Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hoover Floormate

You may remember I got a Hoover Floormate for Christmas. It IS the best gift I have gotten for the house so far!! This thing is AMAZING! I LOVE IT, and I think I will keep it and use it FOREVER AND FOREVER... This is what it looks like...
Not only does it work like a regular vacuum and "sweep the floor" but it also MOPS and DRYS the floor too. You may be skeptical like I was, but this thing really works. Have you ever tried to use a regular vacuum cleaner to "sweep the kitchen floor"... yeah, so have I. Sure it "works" but most of the time it kicks pieces of crap back at me and I walk all over it. So I had resorted to the good old broom and dustpan. NOT ANYMORE... we'll just a little bit. The Hoover Floormate claims that I will never have to use a broom or mop again. This is only true for places that the floormate will fit. I will still have to sweep and mop the bathrooms just because it won't fit in the areas by the toilet. No biggie. BUT it also does not do a sufficient job in corners for me when it comes to "Sweeping" so I just use my broom in the corners and get all the things out of there and then the Hoover Floormate does the rest of the job. 

 This is the stuff you put in the Floormate when you are "Washing" the floor. I have vacuumed quite a few times since Christmas with this, but this was my first time "washing and drying" with this machine. It SO works! I loved it! Usually when I mop I have to make sure I can maneuver my way out so I don't leave foot prints or slip on the wet floor... not with this. In fact I did not have to barricade the kids from the kitchen because when Landon came running in on my newly "mopped" floor it was OK. He did not fall and slip from all the water. I doubt he even knew I had JUST cleaned that area. It took a little getting used to, but for the most part it was really easy! My only problem is that the tank ran out of solution before I finished. I guess my kitchen is bigger than the normal kitchen. But it was not a big deal, I just filled it up again and got back to work. The Floormate puts down the solution and it has scrub brushes that work at stains. It got out Ice Cream, Pizza Sauce, Soda and Frosting without a problem. (all from the birthday party~ SO glad I did not clean the floors before the party like I was going to do) Overall I LOVE my new Cleaning Companion, it is ALOT faster than a broom and mop for sure!! OH, and I like the smell of the solution. It is not PINE SOL which I LOVE, but it smells CLEAN!
AND you can buy these for quick wipe ups! They are great for right around the table where the kids eat. I am glad my hubby loves me enough to help make my life at home a little easier!! I took pictures of me using my Hoover, but after looking at them I realized you could see all the crap that was on my floor and I prefer to not be embarrassed at how DIRTY my floor WAS! I hope if you decide to get one of these little suckers you will be as happy as I am with it's success!!

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Lindsey and Jared said...

That seriously sounds too good to be true!