Monday, January 10, 2011

To Infinity AND Beyond . . .

Calling all Space Rangers to Landon's SECOND Birthday Party...
Pizza courtesy of Pizza Planet and OF COURSE plenty of Cupcakes and Ice Cream for all to enjoy!!
 Don't forget to fuel up on Soda and Capri Suns before you go to play!!
(just a heads up... Dollar Store Soda is NOT very good)
 And NO crying when it is your party... especially when Mommy says
"No, you have to eat your pizza first before you get a cupcake!"
Landon had a hard time waiting for the goods!
 The kids played in the playroom, and in the Choo Choo Room (Landon's Room). And while the kids played the adults had some fun of their own. I found a Toy Story 3 Trivia Game online, and then I printed pictures of the Toy Story characters for people to WRACK their brains trying to remember the names. Don't worry it was VERY fair, everyone at the party had seen the movie at least once! The winners got a nice dollar store prize! THEN we did Cupcakes and Ice Cream... 
 I think the kids all liked this the best!
Landon had lots of help blowing out his candle!
And he was SO happy to stuff his face with his cupcake!
I think his second favorite thing was the Toy Story Cheese Its!
He kept going back for handful after handful!!
This picture is HILARIOUS!
You might think Hailey was dazed and confused at the party...
but no, she is just on a SUGAR high from getting Daddy's Ring Pop. Her lips were BLUE... and when I told her to smile for the camera it is no surprise that we got this... (side note; I totally did her hair before the party. She likes to take her hair down and have a good time DESPITE her mother wanting it pretty)
 Opening presents was a fun time too. We decided this year Matt and I would start Landon's Mission Fund. We let those invited to the party know they could donate to his Mission Fund rather than buy a present if they would like. He got over $100.00 from all the donations! Not a bad start. Now when he gets older we will explain that he only gets this money if he serves his mission... He also got some special presents from our friends who went to Hawaii. They brought him back a frog noise maker and a drum. He got a "choo choo choo" and a Toy Story Car, a tool belt, a Buzz Lightyear Bowling set, some O'neill shorts. He was VERY happy with his prizes!
 I hope it was a good time had by all! Just a few of the attendees...
 And when the kids left we gave them this... A Tootsie Roll Bank FILLED with goodness, then I told the kids to start their own "FUND" for the future. It also had a little note thanking them for coming and a Paratrooper Army Man.
 And here is the Mission Fund Piggy Bank. We pray it goes to good use!!
It was fun enjoying this special day with our friends!
We are LUCKY to have this little man in our family!
As much as it kills me to let him grow up, I love my little man growing up!
Thanks to all those that love my little man too!
We appreciate your love and support!

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