Monday, January 31, 2011


MAN that weekend FLEW by! Matt had to go into work for a while on Saturday so it really did not feel like my special Saturday. HOWEVER, he made up for leaving me with the kids on a Saturday by taking me out that night. We went to a Twilight Movie... (NO, not one of the Twilight Saga Movies, but a Twilight Matinee Showing) We saw The Dilemma.
 You know... the movie with Vince Vaughn and Kevin James. TWO of my favorite comedic actors... AND
 Channing Tatum... Oh, yeah he was in the movie too... It was funny. The premise of the movie is about two best friends. One of the friends sees his best friends wife cheating on him, and everything goes crazy from there. I was not a fan of everything the movie portrayed, but it was funny. I love Vince Vaughn. His characters are always hilarious, and so amazingly witty. And Kevin James's facial expressions get me every time. Channing Tatum is just nice to look at, but in this movie he was not. But his character was a funny one!! It was worth the Matinee Price we got, not sure if it would have been worth the full price admission...
After the movie we went out to eat. This does not happen often, so we decided to go to a sit down place...
Famous Dave's... ever been there? If you have NOT, you are missing out. The food was amazing, and I LOVE the atmosphere... Country Bumpkin, anything goes... only we did not have anything to worry about buy ourselves. It was SO nice to get out with the hubby and no kids. THANKS HARDENS FOR WATCHING MY LITTLE MONSTERS!!
Sunday was nice. We had Stake Conference and we were able to attend it at 10:00am. SOOOO much better than 12:30. Anyways... I went away knowing I need to attend the temple more often. NICE... I put that one on the list! Our next date night will include Dinner and a Movie of another sort! :)

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