Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bulldog Pride ~

We (and when I say "WE" I mean MATT)
have gone to EVERY HOME GAME that Fresno State Football has had while we have lived here...
AND when we did not live here, Matt would still travel down for a few games.
So needless to say we are
So when we heard Fresno State was getting a new TURF field we were STOKED!!
Here are some pictures of us seeing the new turf for the first time...
The kids loved being on the field.
They ran all over, pretended to play football, played with daddy, hugged each other, and Hailey even KISSED the Bulldog's Tail...
We had the kids sit on the Number for their AGE so they can always remember this EPIC time in Bulldog History.
Did you notice I spelled BIRD with letters from the stadium... yeah... I'm pretty AMAZING!!
(~ I saved this post for the Season Opener Game Day... Fresno State Bulldogs Vs. California Bears. Matt is at the game today with 14 other Friends and Family held at Candlestick Park...
 I hope to have a GOOD announcement about the outcome of this game in a future post :))

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