Friday, September 16, 2011

N.H.S. Football ~

It is my brothers SENIOR year at Natomas High School ~
(he is growing up too fast if you ask me)
This was the first home game of the season. Matt and I like to hit up all the games we can. This game was the night before the boys were heading to see Fresno State play CAL in Candlestick park. So it was a perfect time for us to go early to see Preston Play ~ 
 Here he is #64 talking with one of the coaches before the game ~
 Here are some pictures I took from the game!! ~ 
 So needless to say... Hailey took these pictures and wanted me to put them on the blog too...
notice the nice floor and random people shots! LOL! My favorite is the shot of the wall where the announcers sit! My little photographer!!
 (I have to admit she is not too bad for a 4 year old!)
Grandma taught Landon to say "SIXTY FOUR!" 
He was proud to see He and Preston has matching shirts at the end of the game! 
We tried to get Hailey to take a picture with uncle Preston but she said 
"Uhm, I think Preston is dirty, he needs to take a shower." ~ haha!
Good Game Uncle Preston! ~ We are the BIGGEST FANS! ~
(Yes, that is a band-aid on my son's face. As we were packing for the visit he and Hailey were playing in the suitcases. He came over to me crying with this nice long scratch from his lips to under his chin. The only thing that made it better was the Toy Story Band-aid... no judging...)

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