Friday, September 9, 2011

Conversations with a 4 year old...

Today after making cookies; and licking the utensils clean...
Me: "Oh dear, you better go wash you face Hailey Bailey!"
H: "What mommy? NO way." on her way to the bathroom.
Returning from the bathroom... "I cleaned my face, and my hands, and I picked my nose and wiped the boogies on the paper just for you mommy!"
Me: "Uh Thanks, I guess."

Prayer after seeing my cousin Josh for the night. We were outside and found frogs in our backyard...
"Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for this day. Help me be a good girl and sleep. Bless Josh Smith to get home safe. Bless our little froggies. Oh yeah, better get some froggie food. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."

After Pre-School she was upset about getting a new letter "B" and wanted her "A" back...
Me: "Hailey, we have to learn all the letters in the Alphabet. You are so lucky because now you get to learn "B" Did you know BIRD starts with "B"?"
H: "No Mommy, I want my yellow "A" back!"
Me: "Why sister, we get a new letter every week. Let's go look for things that start with "B"."
H: "No Mommy, I just want to say AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa."
Me: "Sheesh. You can still say it without the letter." as I walk out of the door.

Getting out of the car...
H: "Uhm Mommy, I think your back hurts."
Me: "Oh really, what are we going to do about that?"
H: "Maybe I can rub it for you." she starts rubbing my back while I get Landon out of his seat.
Me: "That feels so nice sister!"
H: "Ok, you are SOOOOOO much better now." and walks away after a 10 second back rub!

About getting a toy down from a high shelf...
H: "Mommy I am too small, are you bigger?"
Me: "I don't know Hailey, am I big or small?"
H: "You are too small, but HEY, where is that daddy? He is bigger he can do it!"

Gotta LOVE it! ~

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