Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year for Christmas we were VERY Lucky!
We were also able to enjoy Christmas Eve Dinner with some close friends from church. It was potluck style and all the food was amazing. The kids enjoyed playing, and the adults enjoyed talking and eating. We had a little presentation from the hosting family about the meaning of Christmas and all the kids joined in to help with the characters; Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, the Angel, the Shepherds, and the three wise men and a few animals. It was fun to see that the kids really do understand about Jesus' birth. It was a great time had by all I am sure.
After leaving the party we went home to get ready for Christmas Morning. Matt and I have always wanted to have Christmas at HOME (our home) when we had kids old enough to understand what is going on. It was nice being able to sleep in our own beds, and prepare the presents for the kids. This was our Second Christmas in our home and we just LOVED every moment of it!! ~ getting out cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve ~ reading Christmas Books with the kids ~ the PURE JOY on the kids faces Christmas Morning when they wake up to see the gifts they have received.
The kids woke up this Christmas morning around 6:30-7:00. Matt and I woke up first and went to awaken them ourselves. This made it perfect to catch them truly in action... they were still a little sleepy; but after seeing the presents they woke up right away!!
 They both got PJ's, Shirts, Puzzles, and FUN stocking suffers. All the family got an "Angry Bird" at the top of their stockings; we think that may have been a favorite! After checking out the presents laid out the kids decided we needed to open the presents under the tree...
From "SANTA" Landon got an Fresno State Bulldog Pillow Pet, a Batman Cave Playset, and a racecar track. Hailey got a Unicorn Pillow Pet, a Kitty Pet Vet Set, and a Doodle Bear. Then they opened presents from cousins and Hailey got the Pretty Pretty Princess Game (a total HIT thank you Ray Family) and Landon got the Cootie Game. (we are working on playing this game correctly; the kids just enjoy building the cootie's) They got each other some games also.
 Then they opened the gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Andersen. They both got Jelly Beans, PJ's, and Church Clothes. Landon got a Christmas book, swimsuit, and a fun coloring poster that wipes clean. Hailey got a crown, a coin purse, and a jewelry purse full of special things; sunglasses, necklace, bracelet, chapstick, body spray, I can't even remember everything!! They both LOVED the presents!!
They played with each others presents and had fun that morning. Matt got a Marine Battery from my parents and a Harbor Freight gift card from Brian Richardson who pulled his name. I got money towards a Freezer in the garage and a Marshall's gift card from my brother Preston who pulled my name for the gift exchange. It was GREAT! Matt and I also got a few things, but our big present to each other is our CRUISE at the end of January!!
We ate our candy, got packed up, and headed to Sacramento to see family!! We got to my parents and enjoyed spending the rest of the day with them. Auntie Sharon got the kids some present, and Auntie Crystal hooked it up with some See's Candy!! We spent Christmas Dinner with my family and some missionaries and that was fun. We played games, ate more, and stayed up WAY to late!!
The next morning we spent with the Bird Family in Stockton. We exchanged our gifts with them and LOVED the extension of Christmas for us! From Grandma and Grandpa Hailey got a Rapunzel Barbie Doll, and Landon got a Toy Story Car. Throughout the year they put money into a savings account for the kids College-Mission Funds so these presents are EXTRA!! Matt got a very nice suit, and I got a 15 piece Aluminum Cookware Set that I can not WAIT to use! (I am waiting for the "Pan Savers" before I open them; they are the liners that go between nesting pots that help them not to get scratched up) Matt got a Harbor Freight and a Marshall's gift card from his brother Chris and I got a cookbook and knives from Kevin. Hailey got a Zoobles play set from Jillian her cousin and Landon got a Spin&Glow Bucket (blocks and gears play set) from Rylie his cousin. We sure love exchanging names and getting some extra fun gifts from family!!~~ Christmas is a WONDERFUL time of year and we are so thankful for our friends and family that we get to see!!

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3richardsons said...

I don't know how much Katelyn understands about Jesus' birth because when we talked about baby Jesus she told me "Mom, Jesus is NOT a baby!!" We had a fun little talk about that. Brian told me I was crazy for just wanting to set out all the presents from Santa like you did and mom use to but when it came time to wrap everthing he changed his mind. Brian really wants to go on that cruise with you, he said screw the bills lets just go and worry about it later - of course he is kidding but it would be nice for about a week=)