Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pump It Up!!~~

One of the FAVORITE places for my kids to go is PUMP IT UP!
We learned about this place from a friend who had a party there when Hailey was just a few months old. We took Hailey for her first time on her second birthday and ever since then she asks me to go to "Jump it Up" all the time! They have a "Pop in and Play" event every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. With the kids being out of school this week my dear friend Amy Harden and I decided to take the kids! 
 Matt was able to leave work for lunch and join in on the fun jumping around with the kids. They have a HUGE slide which I think is the kids FAVORITE!! They ride on that more than anything else. They also have a basketball court bouncer, an obstacle course with climbing and slides and a bounce house with a mountain on it. Landon like so play in there and get on top and say 
"STRONG MAN!!~~" he cracks me up!!
 And here is Hailey Bird with her "BEST FRIEND" Haley Harden. 
YES we have to call them by their FULL names when they are playing together!!~~
By the end of the day the kids are either SO TIRED from all the work or READY for MORE... 
It was a GREAT time had by all!!~~ 
Thanks Amy for the invite! We love spending time with you!!

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3richardsons said...

Katelyn saw the picture of Landon and said "Hey that is Landon in a bounce house, can we go to the bounce house?"