Friday, December 9, 2011

Bass Pro Shop

Have you ever been to a Bass Pro Shop??
If your answer was "No!" then you need to hit one up my friend!!
This place is AMAZINGLY Huge and Fun for any occasion!
Sure it is the ULTIMATE Man's Shopping Place, but I assure you Ladies you will enjoy it as well!! Because I sure did!
The one we were able to visit was in Manteca, CA.
We went there with some of the Bird Family. Grandpa, Grandma, Chris, Erin, Rylie and our little family made the trip to go see the place AND have some Holiday Fun while we were there...
 Hailey was lucky... she got invited to ride with Rylie in Uncle Chris and Aunt Erin's Car. She was VERY happy to go with them. Poor little Landon was stuck with us, but he took the time to show off and grab Daddy's glasses and pretend to drive the car...
 The first thing we did when we got there was stand in the lobby in AWE of the place... then we headed to get in line for Pictures with Santa. We did not have to wait long, but we did have a lot of fun waiting in line. The kids really enjoyed being the CONDUCTOR of the Choo Choo Train at the front of the line... we almost missed our turn!
When It came time to see Santa Rylie went first, then Landon; I heard him tell Santa he wanted a boat. I asked him what kind and he said "A big boat like daddy!" (I guess we are going to have one little disappointed boy when Christmas comes huh!?) When it came time for Hailey she made Matt take her over to Santa, but she refused to sit on his lap for a picture; but she did tell Santa she wanted a Doodle Bear... 
 Then the kids did a little shooting for stickers...
 Then they made Santa Ornaments out of Fishing Bobbers. They turned out pretty cute!
 Then we went to see the HUGE fish aquarium. You could look at it from the ground, or walk up stairs and see it from above on the second story. 
The kids played with some fake guns and really took in all the "camo fun"!
It was a neat trip that the kids really enjoyed. We checked out the General Store and headed home. 
I can now live a normal life because I have been to a Bass Pro Shop!
(Now we just need to get a fishing pole for the kids to enjoy out on the boat!)

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3richardsons said...

I think I've been to a bass pro shop before but it wasn't half as big as that one.