Thursday, December 29, 2011

ROCKETS and Ice Cream!!

The Day after Christmas we spent with The Bird Family. 
After exchanging presents we headed to the Park to enjoy shooting off ROCKETS!!
This is a Bird Family Tradition, and since we knew we would be in town to enjoy the tradition we took the kids to get their own Rockets! Hailey did not care to get one, but Landon picked the GREEN Rocket! (green is his FAVORITE color right now)
 We had 9 rockets to shoot off and the boys sure did enjoy shooting them off!!
 Here is Landon and Matt firing his Rocket off...
 Even Baby Jillian enjoyed the fun times. The kids took a little break from the rocket-ness and played at the nearby park. It was a FUN time had by all!
After we got home we took the David Bird Family Pictures, THEN went to the Ghiradelli Factory and enjoyed some ICE CREAM!!~~ Our little family shared a Banana Split and it really hit the spot!!  
It was a BEAUTIFUL day to spend all together as a family!!
Matt had to return to work the following day, so the kids and I went back to Sacramento to spend a little more time with my family. Matt loved it because he was able to get some things done after work around the house without little hands wanting to help him. It was a nice vacation for us all!

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