Friday, December 23, 2011


At the Elders Quorum Christmas Party Matt scored some tickets to the 
Fresno State Men's Basketball Game. We had a Gift Exchange and we both were very happy with our gifts. (I got some "girly" relaxation stuff)
The kids were excited to go to the game!
 We had nose bleed seats and enjoyed the game for a distance. Just before Half Time the cheerleaders came to ask if the kids wanted to dance with them on center court. Landon jumped at the opportunity and I was the lucky parent to join in on the fun! (Too bad Matt was not on top of his fatherly duties to take pictures or get a video of our little tiny dancer... ha ha.) So after that we moved a little closer to enjoy the game.
The Bulldogs lost, but there were some good plays that we enjoyed. I spent most of the game texting my little brother Preston. I have been TRYING to text more, and he seams to be the only person I really get into texting conversations with so I enjoy that! Landon also got to give Timeout (the Bulldogs mascot) "Knucks" but Matt was late on taking that picture so in the picture above all you see is Landon running away from Timeout... DADDY FAIL... ha ha! But overall we had a BLAST!
STILL Bulldog FANS!!

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