Monday, March 12, 2012

Amanda & Cameron's Wedding ~

This last weekend was a Celebration for Matt's cousin Amanda Bird. You may remember her; she is the one that got us into DISNEYLAND for Free... so we LOVE her! (We loved her before, but REALLY loved her after) The first thing that crossed my mind when I hear she was getting married was my wedding. Almost 9 years ago now, I remember her and her sweet sister Melanie at my reception. They came up to me as I stood in the wedding line that went on forever and brought me snacks... I knew from that moment on that I would LOVE these girls!!
And I HAVE to tell you the engagement story. I was not there, so this is all second hand and third hand information; but whatever. Remember our trip to New York? That has almost been a year, but whatever... it was for the Bird Family Reunion. We heard rumors that Amanda and her boyfriend were quite exclusive and possibly he would be asking her to marry him. I was EXCITED for her but also upset because we were leaving to go home before we even got to meet the prospective future spouse...
Well after the official family reunion was over; some of the family continued to vacation and hit up a few historical sites... one being The Sacred Grove. Did I mention I was Mormon?? Ha ha! I am sure you all remember this; the Sacred Grove is a very special place for "Us Mormons". It is the place where our beloved first prophet Joseph Smith went to pray about which church to join. It is here that he received a personal visit from Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ not to join any of the churches on the earth at this time. Instead they began the restoration of our church with this 14 year old boy. Did you enjoy my little history lesson? If you would like more info; check out THIS LINK...  It is found in Palmyra, New York and it just beautiful.
Anyways... Cameron asked Amanda to marry him in the Sacred Grove and I think it is the neatest thing. My husband and I talked about this after and he said if he had that kind of opportunity he sure would have done the same! Obviously she said YES, and the rest is history...
So the Wedding was BEAUTIFUL. Us Mormons get married in Temples. This lovely couple was married in the Oakland Temple. I happen to LOVE this temple because it is the same place that Matt and I were married in. The Temple wedding is very special and sacred so I will not share that part with you, but I will tell you I could feel the love in the room as they agreed to become husband and wife.
 Here is Family waiting outside the temple after the Sealing to see the happy couple!!
 Once the Lamb's (yes she went from a BIRD to a LAMB) came out we went to the front of the temple for some family pictures...
 Landon enjoyed playing around the grounds and showing Great Grandpa Bird his Toy Story SWAG
 Hailey and Rylie enjoyed playing together, 
Hailey especially enjoyed Rylie sharing her beautiful flower bouquet with her...
 The Reception area was GORGEOUS!! The Brides Maids all had matching dresses in all the different colors you see above. They had beautiful draping on everything that would hold still and it was just beautiful! Amanda's mother Aunt Nadine did a WONDERFUL job!!
 We say at the Orange table because it was farther from the food the kids kept going to get. Landon and Hailey were in Heaven. They had fruit, veggies, crackers, spread, chicken, baby red potatoes, meatballs, sandwiches, candy, and cute little pudding glasses... there was more, but that was all that we ate and all I could remember. 
 Landon LOVED the cake. He would tell people walking by it about the Temple on top. And he was convinced the purple cake had tiny mickey mouse's on it (was he right anyone know) The happy couple cut the cake and exchanged pieces very nicely, then they had their first dance together then with parents...
THEN the party began. I am not sure if you could guess by the above pictures but my kids danced the night away!! The second the party music turned on Landon's shoulders started to dance and he could not control himself any longer... he headed for the dance floor and did not want to leave at all!! The first song came on and he went wild. We often have dance sessions at home, and this kid is a natural! He must have seen some break dancing movies recently because he was breaking it down near the end of the first song. Slowly a circle surrounded this little three year old and was clapping and laughing at his moves. I have to admit i was laughing so hard I cried... he was down doing some break dance moves and popped up on his knees and threw his hands in the air with peace signs... then shortly later Matt and I swear he was T-Bowing... NO JOKE... this little boy is a KICK! See the video at the bottom to get a gimps of the kids dancing skills.
It was truly a BEAUTIFUL wedding with an Adorable Couple!! 
One of the best weddings in a church i have ever been too! It comes VERY close to mine... :)
We wish you a Lifetime of Happiness!! 
Landon breaking down to Party Rock Anthem...
Hailey and Landon dancing... they did not want to dance with Mommy and Daddy!!

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