Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Family Home Evening

Last Night for F.H.E. Matt planned a special lesson. He had taken notes Sunday in his class where they talked about Reading Scriptures and Saying Family Prayers. This is a usual part of our Bedtime Routine, so he decided we should make it a GAME for the kids. So he made this CHART...
The Chart is a visual thing the kids can look at when we are getting ready for bed. We decided on the bigger things we are trying to work on with the kids and we came up with 4 things we want to focus on. FIRST going potty; obviously because of the Potty Training we wanted this to be a part of the chart. SECOND brushing our teeth. We got some good advise from the "Dr. Teeth" for the kids dental hygiene and we want to make sure we keep up on that. THIRD reading our scriptures and possibly a story from the Library Books too. This is important to me because I remember reading the scriptures as a kid and learning about the special stories. And FOURTH saying our prayers. This sometimes in our married life has been a struggle for us. Matt is an early bird and I am a night owl... so our Family Prayers were few and far between. Luckily having kids has really helped us get back on track because it just became part of the routine. We all get on our knees and say our Family Prayer before bed. Some nights the kids don't want to cooperate, some nights ONE kids does not want to cooperate, some nights one parent is gone; but we know planting the seed is what we need to be doing.
We notice our family is more in harmony when we do the last two things on our chart especially.
We have decided that at the end of each month (4 week period) as long as we have not missed more than ONE DAY A WEEK we will go get ice cream at Mickey's FroYo Place we have yet to hit up. We hear good things about it; and hope to go REAL soon!!
The kids liked putting the stars up when they were done with the task and we are looking forward to SUCCESS with our Chart!!


The Jensens said...

Awesome chart! The reward sounds really delicious :-)

We will not be attending the 3rd wedding in May. That will actually be our 4th...out of 5. We aren't going to the 4th or 5th one (both in Utah). Maybe if someone paid for our gas :-)

3richardsons said...

Good idea. We have a problem keeping the last two up too because of Brian's work schedule but we need to make more of an effort and rewarding the kids might get them to remind us if we forget.