Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fire Station Trip

Last Thursday Hailey's Preschool Class had a Field Trip planned to visit one of the Clovis Fire Stations. Hailey's teachers invited parents and siblings to attend if they would like. Not surprisingly ever since I mentioned it to Landon he had been SO excited to go!!
I was also watching Gannon at the time, he is one of Landon's friends from church. It was fun to see the kids enjoy the Fire Truck Tour.
 I think they really enjoyed being able to get up in the Fire Truck the best.
 I just love the picture with all the kids in front of the BIG TRUCK.
 We got to see the 3000 gallon water truck, the Fire Station bedroom, and kitchen...
 Then we went back outside to try on the Fire Suits.
Of course Landon was right on top of trying the suit on, Hailey came up and told me
"I don't want to do that at all!"
Then after the tour was over, the kids went to the nice grass out front and Celebrated Chance's 5th Birthday! (He is in our ward, Hailey says he is really nice to her)
Luckily Chance shared with everyone and Landon and Gannon got a cupcake too...
(The pictures above do not do the justice of the BLUE all over Landon's Face, I should have taken a picture of the Baby Wipe I used to clean up to show the utter destruction this boy did to that cupcake)
And for your viewing pleasure... Landon becoming a Fireman!!


Lindsey and Jared said...

So funny story....Christian has the EXACT SAME Batman shirt as Landon. lol! Toooo funny! Your kids are absolutely adorable. I am so glad that they got to hang out with all of those awesome fireman!

Bird is the Word said...

Lindz... the REAL funny part of that story is that it is the same size 3T... huh?? LOVE IT!

3richardsons said...

We went to a firestation playdate on Katelyn's birthday and she was the only one who wasn't scared of the fire fighter in his uniform. It is cool that they let Landon wear it.