Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Graduation Dinner

After Preston's graduation we headed to:
Tokyo Steakhouse...
 Grandpa was explaining to the kids that we don't touch the table part where they cook our food because it gets VERY hot!!
 The kids entertained themselves reading the menu and playing with the forks until they got the chopsticks...
 that made them SO excited!!
 Preston opened his presents while we waited for our cook... he got TONS of sweet presents! He got a Laptop from my parents, a check from G&G Smith, a tie from G&G Andersen, and Matt and I got him a George Foreman! (When we found out he got into BYU-I; Matt said GREAT, he is going to need a George Foreman... that was all I needed while I was there to cook my food! HA HA!)
 Our cook came and made FRIED RICE first... the kids named everything as he cooked it, and at the end they REALLY enjoyed the Mickey Mouse head!
 I love eating at Tokyo Steakhouse! We have one in Clovis near our house that we have gone to a few times. This one is new in Sacramento, and my family LOVES Teppanyaki! Preston decided he needed to get some Sushi for us to taste. I have to admit I am not a big sushi eater, but whatever he ordered it was AMAZING!
 We got home and enjoyed the COSTCO CAKE my parents got for Preston! 
(I think Costco cake is the best cake ever!!) 
The kids REALLY enjoyed the frosting! 
Thank you Costco and Tokyo Steakhouse for making this GREAT night EVEN better!!

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3richardsons said...

Never been there before but it looks good! Maybe we will have to have them take us next time we come down.