Monday, June 18, 2012

Matt Weekend...

My Husband...
Every year his birthday and fathers day are LUMPED together. And EVERY YEAR I try to do nice things for him to enjoy these SEPARATE yet VERY IMPORTANT days...
THIS YEAR... I kinda sucked...
Not on purpose, but I did.
I cleaned the ENTIRE house. From dusting the air vents to hand mopping the wood floor. I thought that was a nice present... wife cleaning house.
Matt wanted to do a "Guys Boat Trip" with some of his friends so I let him. He went early Saturday morning and they got home around one. He said they had a blast! And I felt that was a nice present... wife allowing a boys trip after being at home with the kids all week (with one sick kid I might add)
That night he wanted to rent a movie. I let him pick the flick... Out on a Limb... and I watched it with him. I thought that was a nice present too.
Father's Day Morning... I get the kids up and bring them to Daddy with THIS...
I got the idea from PINTEREST... I let the kids pick a card stock paper, printed it out. Filled in the blanks with what the kids said (it was REALLY funny) had the kids draw a picture of Daddy on the back. AND I made a personalized card for him from the kids on Mixbook. (which he saw early because he opens my mail...)... good wife huh??
I had EVERY intention to make him Bubble Pancakes... but when we woke up it was already 80 outside, so I did not want to warm up the house any more than it already was!! So Cereal it was... FAIL #1.
At church I made sure the kids gave daddy loves and told him Happy Father's Day a few times. Landon even screamed it to him during Sacrament... :) And we made Sugar Daddy gifts in Y.W. (post to come soon) for our Dads-Husbands and I gave one to him... nice huh?
I let him watch whatever he wanted and TRIED to keep the kids out of his hair. I also TRIED to cook him a nice dinner. He has said he wanted Tri Tip... so I headed to the store last week LATE one night with a child (because the other one was sick and a handful) to get stuff to make specially for him. I purchased Tri Tip... but when I got home I realized it was PORK tri tip... did I mention it was LATE?? I figured NO PROBLEM... I will find a recipe... and I did. And it was GREAT... but only after putting it back on the grill 3 times. (YES THREE TIMES) to cook it right... I did mention to him this was my first BBQ experience... FAIL #2. At least it WAS good when it WAS finally done... I also made him one of his favorite desserts... Eclair Cake. Which he did love and it was good!
So then we went to our friends The Kraucyks house for Shaved Ice. "Daddy James" as the kids refer to him offered for the kids to bring Matt over for this treat. Since I know that Matt LOVES shaved ice I made sure we went over for some. We had a fun time visiting and talking with our friends.
I made sure the kids let Daddy know how much they loved them before bed and we called it a day... overall GOOD DAY!
MONDAY (Matt's Birthday)
We just hung around the house in the morning. His work gave him this day off; SWEET... so we planned to go to the Water Park with the kids. (his idea) We relaxed in bed, got ready to go and had a BLAST at the park! We played at every child attraction available, then fished, then played in the water more. I also got free tickets (long story) to come back another day, so that was a score. We went home and got cleaned up while waiting for the SONY people to bring our new TV. (what a sweet birthday present right?) And when they brought it; it was bent so I think he was a little sad that our new TV was not here... on his birthday.
We signed up for a Gym membership because we BOTH need and wanted it; then we rented another movie. He picked it again Chronicle and I watched it with him, and popped popcorn... good wife huh? Well I failed to mention he made his own dinner. The kids wanted pancakes and he just went ahead and made them while I was calming Landon down... FAIL #3.
Despite my Fails I hope Matt had an overall Good Weekend.
We just bought a ton of stuff for the house and for us so I told him we need to be more careful about spending money; so I thought all the nice "gifts above" were enough for Fathers Day... He always gets Fresno State Football Season Tickets for his Birthday... so I thought that was enough. I guess he was expecting something a little more... I guess we will have to see. 
Happy Birthday to my HUBS!
AND Happy Fathers Day to him too! 
I know one thing for sure... I am a lucky girl to have this guy around!

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