Friday, June 22, 2012


YEP! We went to yet another Grizzly Game with the kids...
It works out SO nice because it is the big Monday Night Madness Package, 
so we enjoyed our F.H.E. at the ballpark!
With our tickets we get into the game; Wild Water Park Passes, Blackbeard's Mini Golf Passes, 
Storyland Park Passes, and a hot dog and a soda. 
 Check out Landon's LOOK when I asked him to say CHEESE!! haha! Hailey did not want to look at the camera when I took our picture; such is life... but she did enjoy reading the Playbill to me! :)
 We got our seats and settled in for the first few innings. Then we got a text from friends that they were at the park too! So we moved to find them and found out that 4 different families were at the ballgame... below is Hailey with her friend Ryan! These two girls love to play together!
 At the end of the night I took a family picture for my friend and she offered to take one for us too...
 This is our attempt to get a good family photo...
Go Grizzlies! Go Giants!!

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