Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This is my little baby boy enjoying his morning nap ... He is 8 months old today... *TEAR*...
I have been thinking about it recently, and I am not going to have a baby in my house for a while... (because I can only handle TWO kids right now) and that is a TOTAL other Blog Post Topic!
Anyway... I want him to stay my baby forever; but he just gets cuter as he learns new things, so alas I must let him grow up. I thought I might write down a few things he is doing right now. He does not like being on his tummy, so he is yet to crawl... haha! I know what 8 month old is not crawling... this chubby little baby!! He is getting SO close to it though. He has been able to sit up since he was 6 months old, and he will get in the crawling stance then realize that he might fall and get stuck on his tummy so he goes back to sitting.
He is feeding himself, he really loves bread and bananas right now. He tries to eat whatever we are eating as well!
He laughs at everyone and anything. He really is a happy baby, as long as we are taking care of him! Hailey loves to play with him, and gives him hugs all the time. (ever since we had our FHE on Hugs, she is a hugging machine)
His giggles make me SO happy, and his tears break my heart! We are SO blessed to have him in our household! I LOVE having a little boy! ~

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