Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lucky little Girl ~

The last two weeks I have been watching a friends child, and have not been posting the fun pictures of my kids. After ALMOST loosing my daughter (see previous post) I decided I better get some of these pictures of my sweet girl posted...
Hailey got a Dress Up Box from her Grandma and Grandpa Andersen this last Christmas. It was filled to the brim with clothes! One of Hailey's Favorite Dresses is the Princess Aurora one. She gets it out (shoes and all) by herself and gets dressed up and dances around the house singing " i know you..." She loves it when Matt gets home because then she is able to dance with her Prince Charming...And this picture just makes me laugh! Hailey got this Tutu from her Auntie Melissa Imel. She made it for her, and she puts it on whenever she gets the chance. I have a few pictures of her wearing it, but this is my favorite! She is chasing bubbles in our backyard. Ohhhh, to be a kid again...
In this picture not only is she wearing the adorable Tutu, but she is holding a Bubble Blower. Her Daddy knows how much she loves bubbles, and when he found this, he really wanted to get it for his little princess. It is quite interesting how they work. You dip one part into Bubble Solution and then blow in the opposite end and you get LOTS of bubbles! The interesting part is that they are animals and you are blowing near their bottoms... We have gone through SO many bubble contraptions, this one seams to be the best!!
This is naptime, quite possibly the best part of my day! HEHE! In this picture she has THREE of her favorite things. First is the nightie she is wearing (yes she likes to put the nightie on for naps... what a girl) she got this as a hand me down from Julia my friend from work! THANKS JULIA! ~ Next is the two Tinkerbell Pillows, she got these from Auntie Tiffany. She HAS to sleep with them, they go on overnight trips to Grandma's house all the time THANKS TIFFANY! And last but not least is the little bear. This was another gift from Auntie Melissa Imel. It is a Care Bear, but Hailey has named it "Sucker" because it has lollipops on it's tummy. Matt and I crack up when she goes to bed because she makes us give sucker kisses goodnight too. Sucker even gets her own Tinkerbell Pillow to sleep with usually too... THANKS MELISSA!!

The last picture is the kids in the front yard coloring on the sidewalk with chalk. (no, that is not Landon, this is the little boy I was watching) They thought this was the best thing ever! Hailey gets in trouble with coloring crayons because she tries to color on everything... so when I let her color on the ground she was giddy and loving it! Thanks Grandma Andersen for the chalk... we finally found it and it is getting used up!! I love seeing her enjoy life's simple pleasures! It makes me happy too!!

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Magirk said...

Love the pictures. :-) Such a beautiful girl.