Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Kanye ~

REALLY?? What gives you the right to walk on stage at one of the biggest awards shows and TAKE the mic from a WINNER and profess RANDOM thoughts that come into your head? Just because you THINK something... does not mean everyone else thinks it, NOR does it mean you have to open your mouth and say it.

It is AMAZING to me that people in this world like you think that the kind of nonsense you displayed is ok because you are keeping it real. No Kanye, you are not keeping it real. You are making everyone in the world wonder WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THAT MAN?? REALLY??

Since when did the VMA's become YOUR place to "preach your gospel"? What or better yet WHO told you that it was ok for you to jump out of your seat, walk up on the stage, stop someone in the middle of their acceptance speech, TAKE the mic out of their hand WITHOUT ASKING I might add, and proceed to talk about yet another person who by the looks of it did not want to have anything to do with your rude comments.

How pathetic of a life do you live that you really think people are going to cheer you on for yet another one of your "outbursts". You want to talk about "Bush hates black people" uhum, Kanye... I am starting to think you hate white people. Just EXACTLY what did Taylor Swift do to you? Oh, that is right... NOTHING. And I am still wondering what Bush personally did yo you as well... I guess they both deserve it because they are white.

Call me racist... but a racist I am not! I love people of ALL color... I do not however like people of ANY color that act the way YOU do. I do not like the arrogance that you think everyone OWES you something.

Buck up and be a REAL MAN! Take some lessons from Beyonce' on how to be a "Classy Person" It really makes me sad for the future that YOU are a role model for the youth of the world. I really hope they all take a hard look at what you did, and decide they want to be more like her. I am SO thankful that for every DOOSHBAG like you in the world there is a Beyonce' that can step up and do the right thing. REALLY KANYE?? Too bad I used to like you... or I used to like your music that is.

Do us all a favor and LEAVE! I won't be supporting any more of your songs in the future. I hope the rest of the NORMAL CLASSY AMERICANS feel the same way I do. Too bad you had to go an ruin your career like that... SHAME ON YOU! ~

~So I wrote this the night of the Incident... I was not going to post it, but I decided It might help some other people decide like I did, that we don't have to put up with the idiotic stunts some "celebrity's" pull... here is hoping...


AngelaBeth said...

Haha! I almost posted about this too. Buttttttt... mine is coming from the other side. Not saying that what he did was right AT ALL!! BUT saying that everyone should just stop giving him the attention that he is just begging for.

It was obviously for publicity since he was scheduled the next night for the opening of the Jay Leno show. Soooo many more people were going to watch to see if he did something else crazy!

Also... did you SEE THE PICTURES FROM THE RED CARPET BEFORE? You know.. the pictures where he is standing next to his hoochie girlfriend carrying A HUGE BOTTLE OF ALCOHOL that had already begun to be drank? He was obbbbviously smashed. STUPID.

I'm pretty sure he's just an attention whore who thinks he is a genius and I don't think he cares what type of attention he is getting. He did apologize on his blog just hours later and they say he apologized to Taylor's mom too. And then he apologized on the Jay Leno show. Not saying that makes it better.. but I think it gives everyone enough cause to stop dragging out his unnecessary fame.

I do like his music and it's not going to stop me from buying/illegallydownloadingitCOUGH. But I HONESTLY don't care about singers/songwriters/artists/bands AT ALL. I just listen to music. I like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC even though some of them are gay. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop buying their music. lol

Oh.. here is the picture:

Sorry for ranting in your comments.

Bird is the Word said...

I know really... but my question about him being "publicly intocicated" is WHY was he not arrested for carrying around an open bottle in public?? Is that not against the law?
And I feel ya, I am a lover of all kinds of music, but when someone is SO DISRESPECTFUL and CRUDE with others feelings, YA DEAD TO ME! LOVIN' the COUGH comment though!

AngelaBeth said...

SERIOUSLY! Open container law!! I can definitely agree that he deserves THAT! And the fashion police ought to arrest that skanky girl of his. lol

Bird is the Word said...

And this is why I love you! HAHA! They were saying she looked like a retarded Mermaid or something... haha! how do you even pull that look off?? And nice of him to dress up for the awards show too huh?? TRASH!~