Wednesday, September 23, 2009


That was a Cheer from BACK IN THE DAY... and they STILL do the same cheer at the Football games with the same moves to this day! *TEAR* I am SO proud! HAHA! I love going to football games from my Alma Mater! My little brother Preston is a Sophomore at Natomas High School, and he plays for the JV Football Team. He is SUCH a stud!! I think he played the WHOLE game, he in one of the players in the front of the group of players on the field! We are happy he got the same Jersey Number as last year so the signs we made are still good!
GO #64~ Preston Andersen!!!We wanted to show our support so here is HAILEY in her Mini~Me Cheer Outfit Grandma made...
sleeping... haha And here is LANDON very excited to be at the game with Grandma and Grandpa in the background... quit trying to get out of the picture mom!!
The whole gang... minus me...(one of the JOYS of being the official Picture taker) Hailey STILL sleeping, my mother holding Landon, my Father actually watching the game, and one of Preston's friends Angelina supporting him at the game too. My little sister Sharon is the one stuffing her face on the front row with French Fries from In-N-Out. It is tradition now that we get burgers from there and take them into the game! YUMMMOOO!!
We were all representing the Natomas Nighthawk colors... except for Landon. He was cheering on his team the Fresno State Bulldogs. Matt was at the Football game in Fresno with his father David Bird. The Bulldogs played the Broncos of Bosie, and it was a pretty good game to watch! (we saw it that night on TV while I finished my friends Wedding Cake)
I LOVE this picture...
What a cute bum!
THE END ~ ugh literally...

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Kristen said...

Hehehe... cute bum picture - love it!

I LOVE the spiky hair on Landon - it's so freaking cute!!!