Wednesday, September 9, 2009

California State Fair 2009

We were able to get to Sacramento for a FUN FILLED Weekend!! My dad got us tickets to the California State Fair, and we were SO excited to go! This was Hailey's second time at the fair, but a first for Landon. I let Matt and Landon sleep in so we could be ready for the big day! ~ Isn't this a classic picture... We went to the little Petting Zoo Area first! Working on all the names of the Farm Animals with Hailey has FINALLY paid off! She was telling us all what sounds the animals made and SO excited to see a real "MOO COW" in person!
One of the exhibits had "collection's" displayed. They had LOTS of different ones including Barbies, Old Kitchen Gadgets, Pez Dispensers... but Hailey's Favorite was the Ducks... QUACK QUACK... go figure
This is what Matt and I are going to look like when we are old... haha
Here is little Landon, he was LOVING the attention and pictures! ~
And this is Hailey refusing to take a picture...
Daddy decided she would become Bigfoot on his terms...
And here is Grandma and Grandpa... NICE ~
Hailey is so into FISH and WATER right now. I forget what these were, but you were able to pet them... Matt did, not sure if Hailey was up for it.
And here is Landon and his Grandma Andersen. He loves his grandparents!
She was keeping him cool and out of the sun!
And here is Landon with Grandpa Andersen. We were at another exhibit area waiting for a Fire Show to start, and Grandpa started showing Landon all these neat kaleidoscopes...
this is what you saw from the other end of that kaleidoscope... LOTS of Landon
He just could not get enough of these things. He looked at them for a long time, and whenever anyone would get in his way he would look at Grandpa like get them out of the way!! The people who made the kaleidoscopes were impressed that such a young baby was into them. They told us most babies do not look at them as long as Landon did. What a Ham!~ The whole day was ALOT of fun! We really enjoy going places with my family because they are SO helpful with the kids! I think one of the best times of the day was pictured below...
naptime... ahhhh...
We got a Funnel Cake as we left the park... what a PERFECT ending to a PERFECT day at the California State Fair! ~

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AngelaBeth said...

How cute! I love that Landon is so willing to participate in all your little schemes... putting his head in the cutout, being a kaleidescope lol!