Friday, September 4, 2009


If you have not SEEN or HEARD of this show... you live a SHELTERED LIFE! ~ One of our friends from our ward here in Fresno was able to get his CRAZY self on the show!! Here are some pictures of the FUN time we had and a few of the FABULOUS people that were there ~ Oh, and by the way... HE WON!!! YEAH!! TRAVIS CLUFF WON!!! The picture below was when we all found out! He was standing on his chair as World Sports Cafe and the crowd went WILD !
So..... We decided we needed to get our FAMOUS SHOT with the STAR of the SHOW! ~
(LtoR) Hailey, Melissa, TRAVIS CLUFF aka Super Shorts, Matt, and Landon
This is one of my favorite people right now. This is Megan, she is one of Travis' sisters. She is also in our ward and is a great friend. Her daughter Reagan is the little girl in the bottom of the picture... she is ADORABLE! ~ (don't you love the "deer in the headlights look" she has going on) haha
This is Matt and Landon enjoying the show... Like father Like Son... Right??
Here we are just hanging out before the show was to start. (LtoR) Lauren and Spencer Baker, Landon in the high chair and Matt.
Gotta LOVE this Picture... Amber (who is the lucky wife of Travis) is about to drink from her son's sippy cup sitting in his car seat, while in the bottom corner is Kalos her other son eating a brownie. I asked him if he would share with me, and he said " Sure" What a cutie! ~ The cool dude in the Fresno State hat is a Cluff Friend Bobby J.)
And this is my good friend Amalia holding Hailey. Her hubby was at work, but she was down for a good time!!

It was SO much fun enjoying the fun atmosphere with all my pep's! It sure is a fun show to watch, but it is SO MUCH better watching it when you know someone on the show! And it was even more AWESOME that we did not even know that he had won!! A big old CONGRATS goes out to my boy TRAVIS CLUFF aka SUPER SHORTS for showing us all a good time! ~ Glad you did not loose to a girl... that would have been tragic!! ~

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Melissa said...

Bobby J= Rob Givens

when are we getting together??? I am free next week most of the week. I will be at church sunday so we have to plan it!