Friday, September 25, 2009

10 Truths People ~

I was tagged by my ADORABLE cousin Kristen, so here we go ...


or as she called it ... Here goes nothing:

1. Whenever Hailey (my daughter) starts throwing a tantrum and crying and I do not have the patience to "Ignore the Bad Behavior" I just throw my own tantrum and cry louder than her. It actually works in my favor because she starts looking at me like I am crazy and forgets what she was so upset about... lol.

2. I eat candy and junk food all day long. We just bought a 5 lb. bag from Costco for Halloween, and it is not even going to last until October... I have a MAD sweet tooth! I guess it is a good thing I also have a good work out routine!

3. I enjoy bad shows WAY too much. I watch good things too, but I can not get enough Chelsea Lately for instance. It is funny (for me at least) to watch people make fun of these RIDICULOUS "celebrities". I also am ADDICTED to Desperate Housewives, and my new favorite show Cougar Town. These shows are SO against what I believe in, and I would never condone the things they do, but something keeps me watching them...

4. I am getting SICK and TIRED of people thinking other people have it SOOOO easy.... because A) They get to stay at home with my children, B) They do not have to work C) They are rich because they have SO many nice things or D) their life is or just looks easy... The Grass always LOOKS greener on the other side, why covet what you don't have and make yourself a "Debbie Downer"?... let's just leave it at that. (this is just a "general" comment, not directed at any one person, so please no taking offence... it will again make me SICK and TIRED...)

5. I hate going to church. ONLY because of the current time slot. We go to church at 12:30 p.m. In my house that is Lunch time and Nap time. The looks I get as I walk out of the chapel for the third time with my daughter are beginning to make me want to become inactive... that is until we change to the 9:00 a.m. slot...

6. I am on a HORRIBLE sleeping schedule. It is my fault mainly, but I like to tell myself that the kids have me so messed up from all those late night feedings. I can not get myself to fall asleep anytime before midnight! (it used to be 2 am... we are getting better)

7. I have to have a clean house. I can not sleep if there are dirty dishes or laundry to be done. (maybe this is why I am on a horrible sleep schedule) In fact, I can not leave my house a mess when we go on vacation. Just the thought of coming home to a clean house makes my vacation that much more enjoyable. I used to have to clean ALL the rooms, but now I can let the play room go as long as I can not see it from my bedroom down the hall. Baby steps people...

8. I want to sell our boat. Don't get me wrong; I LOVE going out on it, and when everything is running great I would not trade it for anything! But It is a "major stresser" in my life because my husband would be out on it everyday if he could, and the cost just keeps adding up. Not to mention it takes alot to get out on the water with or without kids in tow. (and just to prove my point, my husband just broke the mirror on the boat last night getting it ready for our camping trip... there is another drop in the money hat... UGH)

9. I think people who REALLY LIKE the movies like "Star Wars" and " Star Trek" and "Lord of the Rings" are weird. I used to associate "Harry Potter" in this group too, but my husband has made me watch the series, so I can TOLERATE it. There is just something about a bunch of "TRECKY PEOPLE" that gives me a bad taste in my mouth.

10. I think gossip is good for you. Not too much, but a good amount makes you a better person. I used to hold in all the things I wanted to say, now I have a good group of friends I can "spill my guts too". As long as you learn who you can and can not gossip with, it can be a very good stress reliever.
NOW TO THE PEP'S I AM TAGGING ~ (in alphabetical order... no playing favorites here)
Amalia C. ~ because she is one of my gossip buddies!
Angela C. ~ because she makes me laugh, and we all need to know her truths!!
Anna H. ~ because I know one of her truths will give me help with my daily life and kids!
Chantelle H. ~ because her blog is adorable, and she keeps me laughing!
Melissa C. ~ because she cracks me up, she will tell us the truth!
Nichole M. ~ because she is a regular with her blog, and keeps it up very well!
Nicole R. ~ because she is my little sister, and I want to see if she actually reads my posts!
Sara S. ~ because she just started back in the blogging world, and I want her to have a "topic".
Stacey R. ~ because I love to read her blog no matter what she is talking about!
Tiffany R. ~ because she is my oldest sister, and I want to see if she actually reads my posts too!
LET'S Learn Your Truth's Ladies! ~
Remember this is FUN, and hopefully your Truths will give us
idea's on how to deal with the "Daily Grind" ~


AJ said...

You and I are late night owls!

How did Matt break the mirror?

Hahaha....I'm not on the list of people that have to give the 10 truths. YES!!! hehehehe....

Amalia Cutts said...

All I have to say is "AMEN" sister. I agree with you all the way (although sometimes I would like to stay home and not work...and not have kids), but mostly stay home and lounge.

Kristen said...

I know, I HATE my church time at 2:00 - RIGHT when Camie takes her nap. And when I USE to take my sunday nap. : ) Yeah, my roommates use to watch Friends and I didn't want to watch because it was pretty dirty, but then I got hooked and bought the DVD set and I watch it ALL the time now. I'm pretty much addicted. I totally have to have my kitchen clean before I go to bed, or else I wake up and I feel like I'm already behind in the day.
Thanks for doing my tag!!!!! Loved reading yours!!

The Haynies said...

HAHAHA! I love this!! Thanks for tagging me. I will have to post my Honest Scrap!

Bird is the Word said...

Thanks Ladies! I love you! ~ ally, I would have tagged you, but I have not heard you on the blog for so long I figured you quit it... you are officially tagged, so I better see a post SOON! ~

Nicole said...

I read your blog but it might take me a while to do a new post, I've been lazy lately!

Tiffany said...

I finally got around to it....not very exciting, but it is done. :)