Sunday, March 28, 2010


We were going to be driving to Idaho and back this weekend to see my sister Nicole's little baby boy get blessed . . .
Matt ended up getting a second Interview here at a local Business here in Fresno for Friday afternoon, so we stuck around town. I was glad I did not have to do the long drive there and back, and was looking forward to a relaxing weekend . . .
But when you are married to the man I am married too, he has PLANS to cover the PLANS that did not go through. We woke up early Saturday and made Pumpkin Waffles with Apple Syrup... MMMMMMM!! We invited our friends Spencer and Lauren Baker to come over for breakfast too.
After breakfast we went to a Local Clovis Car Show.
Then we went shopping at Ross and Marshall's for PJ's for the kids.
Then we went on a Bike Ride.
Then we had to ride home FAST because we only had an hour to be ready for
Then I kissed the kids and Matty goodbye and headed to BJ's Brewery for a GREAT dinner! (I got soup and salad so I had room for my PIZZOKIE, I opted for the Peanut Butter and Oreo half and half... it was SOOOOOOO good!!)

Then did a little more shopping with the girls at the Mall and other stores.
Then went home and watched a movie with the hubby.

There was ALOT of running around with the kids, and ALL these activities were shared with the Bakers! We had a fun-filled BAKER day! :)
So needless to say Hailey was a little over worked with all the activities...
She threw up in Sacrament Meeting . . .

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Liz and Joseph said...

Whoa that sounds like a BUSY day...but fun! I love those Pizzokies!