Thursday, May 26, 2011


We got free passes to Blackbeard's Golf Playland from our Grizzlies Game. We had planned on going one Monday for F.H.E. but it rained and we did not end up going. We only had a few days left to use them so when Thur night looked promising we decided to go!
Our close friends the Harden's that lives near us decided to go as well.
All our kids LOVED it!!
 Can't you tell?? And it was also nice that I KILLED Matt!
 I forget the exact score, but I WORKED him!!
Haley Harden , ME and Hailey Bird.
FUN! Then after golfing we hit up McDonald's for some dessert.
It is our new favorite hangout with the kids.
 We let them run all over and have fun while we eat ice cream and just talk and laugh.
Good Times GREAT people!!

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