Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So I got a nice letter from Clovis Unified today.
It said "We cannot process Hailey's income eligible preschool application for the 2011-2012 school year. Family is over State guideline. You may apply for the fee based program (2,3 or 5 day) at $22.00 per day."

What is SHOULD have said is this:
"You make around $100.00 too much for the state guideline per month for you to get free Preschool. We will HAPPILY charge you $22.00 per day at 5 days a week. We understand that this means you will be paying $440.00 per month, and this totally negates the fact that you make too much over the state guidelines. Welcome to California, bend over and take it." P.S. the fee based schools are 25 minutes away also; so add gas back and forth to your total. Oh, and did I mention it is only 3 hours a day? You might as well enroll her into one class at Fresno State University would be cheaper. Have a nice day.


What is AWESOME is that if my child was "at risk or being abused, neglected, or exploited" they would accept her. OR or if she is a recipient of Child Protective Services, or Homeless... that would work too. HOW ABOUT I AM A GOOD MOTHER AND I WANT MY KID TO SUCCEED... Oh no, you want me to beat her... OK... let's figure this one out...

THANK YOU. It feels GOOD TO get that out. I feel MUCH better now... :)

SCREW!! So now to find another preschool program... any ideas people??
Oh, and I have already thought about doing it myself... I want another option. THANK YOU.


Nichole said...

oh I could have saved you the trouble and tell you you wouldn't qualify. We went through the same thing with Kyle last year. That's why I decided to do the preschool at home thing. Sorry you had to go through that.

Nichole said...

p.s. I wanted to send Kyle to a preschool but we couldn't afford anything. Teaching him at home was our only option. Plus there was no way I was going to do joy school or a co-op. I looked into everything. Kyle IS driving me absolutely crazy, but we are managing.

Angela said...

Melissa, Not sure where about you are located but Elie Lautherback is a great inhome pre-school it is also only 3-4 hrs a day. We absolutly loved her.

Lindsey and Jared said...

Oh man! I totally get why they have social programs set up to help those that need it, but sometimes it really does suck for those of us in the middle! We aren't rich and have lots of extra money to throw out, we aren't poor and so we don't qualify for help, so....we get screwed.

I have no suggestions, but I <3 you!

Kristen said...

Wow, $22 a day?? That is how much it costs here in Utah for a WHOLE day of daycare, not for just 3 hours. That's ridiculous.

Other than finding another pre-school (you could move to Utah, we have a pre-school place on every corner) or doing some type of joy school, that is all I could think of.

Good luck, keep us updated on what you decide.

Tiffany said...

Argh...that totally sounds like my public school rant I went on this morning.

For Logan we did a preschool co-op and it worked out good. I wasn't worried about curriculum just the social interaction aspect. If a co-op isn't going to work, there are tons of great websites that have all sorts of preschool programs you could do yourself.

Kim is my only kid that got preschool (and only one that will)...but that's because I was a single mom and I barely qualified.