Sunday, May 15, 2011


Can you believe it??
Four years ago TODAY I was in Labor with my SWEET LITTLE GIRL.
In FOUR short little years of her life we have had SUCH great times!!
We are celebrating her Birthday Next Weekend.
She wanted a PRINCESS TEA PARTY with cupcakes, streamers, the WHOLE works.
We let her open ONE present today and let me tell you... SHE HAS BEEN IN LOVE with it ever since...
Let me introduce you to the My Little Pony Mermaid Castle... (yeah, that is it's name)
Tonight at dinner we asked her to say the prayer and it went a little like this:
"Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the food, thank you for this day, bless the food, and bless my Princess Tea Party, and cake, and streamers, OH and my Pony Castle... In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
Can you tell we have been talking about her Party??
She is just SO precious! She keeps me on my toes and I truly enjoy even the hard moments with this child.
Some of the nice things she does is when Landon is crying she tells him "It's OK brother, you'll be OK" and gives him a hug. When I need something and I ask her to get it for me she says "Sure Mom, I can do it." While running off " I CAN DO IT!" She is potty trained (AHHHHHHHH HALELULIAHHHHHHH) and goes by herself now. (she just needs help with the bum-wipes) She loves to sing songs and play with her Wonder Pets. (Little Pet Shop toys) And she sits on Time Out without having to be put there a million times and then we talk about what she did wrong and she is starting to listen better.
The TERRIBLE TWOS and THREES seam to be passing but the SASSY little PRINCESS Talk is taking over. I love every stage, but this stage is the funniest. The things that come out of her mouth are PRICELESS!! " I NEVER GET TO..." and "It's just not FAIR mommy, it's not FAIR." Or "LOOK at what you have done, just LOOK!" OH MAN...
ANYWAYS HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET GIRL! I look forward to the actual celebration this year more than you will ever know!! :)
 And Landon likes the toy too.
You push the button at the top and the Mermaid Carousel goes around the top and it plays music...
very loud luau music I might add.
Here Hailey is giving the Mermaid Castle a Hug and Kiss!! 
"I LOVE MY PONY CASTLE" she said... WHAT a kick!

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