Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sea World Trip

While in San Diego for my cousin Morgan's wedding we were able to get a day at
(Aunt Nicole, Hailey and Katelyn looking at the aquarium at Atlantis)
The Adults rode the Atlantis Ride in groups. Sea World has a "child fast pass" this allows one parent to wait in the regular line while the other parent tends to the children. Then when the first parent is done with the ride the other parent can be fast tracked to the front of the line to enjoy the ride as well without having to wait in the line again. We thought this was a WONDERFUL perk to having the kids with us!
(Cousins checking out the sea life)
After enjoying the Atlantis Roller Coaster Ride we saw the Sea Lion show then
headed over to Shipwreck Rapids.
The boys went first, and when they got out it looked like DAD got the worst of the rapids...
 Then the girls went, and MOM got the worst; well I think Mom and Crystal tied! :)
 The WET Girls... it was a FUN RIDE!!
Then we decided to dry off waiting in Shamu Stadium...
NOT Paying attention watching for the Killer Whales to appear...
 (Notice Brian in the background with the Popcorn Buckets Grandma got to entertain and feed the kids.)
 Dad and Mom drying off with Katelyn and Uncle Preston...
Aunt Nicole and John John waiting to see the Killer Whales...
 Oh, NOW we look at the camera, Smooshie, Me, Hailey, Auntie Sharon, and Auntie Crystal chillin'
Uncle Brian ready to devour some popcorn... POP that collar!!
After LOVIN' seeing Shamu we hit up the Dolphin Stadium...
LOVED THE SHOW... AND hit up the Shark Encounter.
This picture is Grandma trying to convince Hailey that the Sharks are not scary...
She was successful. Hailey LOVED seeing the sharks and fish!
 Then we promised the kids we would hit up the Sesame Street Bay of Play
while others went to the Wild Arctic Ride.
 Hailey LOVED the Oscar the Grouch Ride with mommy.
Landon loved the Zoie Tea Cups Ride.
He sat back and smiled the whole time. We rode it TWICE!!
Then we went to the Penguin Encounter and meet up with the rest of the family.
Landon fell asleep while eating some chips on the car ride to go eat.
We all enjoyed Endless Fries and Endless calories at RED ROBIN.
The kids lasted the WHOLE day at the park, it was a perfect day!


Lindsey and Jared said...

hahahaha! I love how Landon fell asleep with his hand IN the chip bag! :)

So glad you guys had fun in San Diego!

Nicole said...

Sea world was a blast and I was surprized that the kids made it all day! We are going to have to go back again in a few years.