Sunday, May 23, 2010

House Hunting 2010

WHY do people decorate the way they do??
I have to admit for the most part I really like the houses I have seen, and MOST people's decorations. But when you have an open house WHY would you not clean up?? Or when you are taking pictures of your house you know are going online to help persuade people to purchase your house WHY would you not clean up your clutter??
Anyways... We were OUTBID on my dream home... I have been secretly hoping that the other people's loan goes bad. I know I know... If it is meant to be then it will happen but UGH!
So we are STILL looking. We found a smaller house with only three bedrooms but it is in a GREAT neighborhood! We would be in a new ward with this one too...
We have found a house we would LOVE to see but our Agent can't get a hold of the other agent . . .
House Hunting SUCKS! I feel bad going to other peoples houses and "judging" their house. Luckily no one has been home while we have been searching, but I still wonder if they are secretly tape recording what I am saying...
Matt and I originally wanted to purchase a new house. We have decided that it is not always a good idea because you never really know WHO is moving in next to you and how well they are going to keep up their property. We want to buy in an area that is more mature. Like the houses are well taken care of, and you can tell that it will stay that way.
Why does Clovis not have a house like this???
In a perfect world my ideal house would have 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an open kitchen and a bigger backyard with parking for the boat... I don't think that is TOO much to ask, but apparently it is. PRAYERS our way that we can find a house would me appreciated!! :) 


AJ said...

Yes, please find a house that can "house" your boat! :-) It is quite a pretty lawn ornament in our backyard but it really misses it's (You know I am totally joking and love you guys right!?!)

Good luck with the house hunting. There's a house a couple of blocks down going for $125,000...I think it's 4 bedrooms/2 baths/2 story...something has to be wrong with it though...that's WAY too cheap!

Meg said...

Hey just in defense, we just short selled our house and I have to say, some folks call like 10 minutes before coming over and I couldn't get my house picked up fast enough, you know with the kids and all!! House hunting does suck in a lot of ways, but keep looking, when you find the one, you WILL know!!