Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day Weekend ~

I don't THINK or SAY this enough . . .
I thought I might want to write that because I know we often don't feel that way.
But as of late, my children are making me LOVE it.
Hailey is ALMOST fully potty trained. It that makes me SOOOO happy. She listens to me most of the time. When I tell her time out she knows where to go, and STAYS there. When I ask her to share something she usually will. She stays on her bed for "nap time", and bedtime, and she gives me kisses without me asking. She says "I wove you mommy" after the kisses . . . It melts my heart. 
Landon is just a BUNDLE of joy. He is teething again, so he likes to snuggle and giggle with me. Some days it bothers me that he wants me to hold him, but I am trying to take advantage of it now because these days will be LONG gone soon. He lays down for bed SOOOO easy, no fussing. He eats his food like a champ, he runs around and just looks SOOO adorable. And when I ask for loves he gives me a hug and a wet slobbery kiss. He is my little love bug! All the sweet things they do make the TOUGH job more enjoyable.
Matt and I find ourselves looking at each other and laughing and how funny the kids can be.
This weekend was especially wonderful because it was Mother's Day on Sunday. Saturday was a fun FILLED day . . . Matt went to help with the Mormon Helping Hands Project. Our stake helped clean up the Clovis Bike Trail. Because the Bike Trail is on a busy street we opted not to have the kids go to help. Hopefully we can get them to help with another clean up project in the future. After that we went to Michael's Craft Store. They had a FREE Cookie Decorating Class. The kids got to decorate cookies, and they turned out WONDERFUL! (Matt knows about all these craft things happening now because of where he works. . . I LOVE IT! ~)
Matt helped with Landon's his is the Star, we let Hailey do her own. I just helped squeeze her frosting out!
Doesn't that look GOOD! ? !
After that Matt surprised me with a PEDICURE! ~ I was sad that I was going to miss a pedi party that my friend was having, so he told me to pamper myself and sent me to the salon! I took my book and had a WONDERFUL time reading and relaxing. NO KIDS . . .
It was a nice start to the actual Mother's Day Celebration.
I woke up the next morning with THIS in my face . . .
Hailey was trying to get up on the bed, and saying "Mommy, Mommy LOOK!"
That my friends is Matt's FAMOUS Breakfast Burrito . . .
I has ALL of THIS in it . . .
I could only eat HALF of it . . . It was SOOO good! Hailey and I ate our Breakfast Burritos in bed, then got up to get ready for church. Landon was a sweetie and slept through breakfast.
We went to the first hour of church. Hailey has been coughing and has a runny nose, so we decided to head home and not get any kids sick right after mother's day. Matt told me I could do WHATEVER I wanted to do... so I went back to bed and got caught up on my Oprah DVR'd shows! After about an hour Hailey came in with this . . .
YEP! An Apple Turnover. I LOVE these. I giggled because it was SO cute!
We shared it, and I just sat there thinking I sure am Lucky!!
Later that night Matt made me Orange Chicken for dinner, and while we watched our Sunday Evening Shows he pulled out OREO's and Milk . . . AHHHHH! My husband knows the way to my heart!
It was a GREAT day, and I REALLY felt appreciated! We both called our Mothers and wished them a Happy Mother's Day. After all it is because of them that we are turning out to be the parents we are today . . . FABULOUS!
I only hope when I start feeling like the kids are too much that I can remember my perfect day and all the love they showed they had for me! THANKS SMOOSHIES!!


Nichole said...

Oh Melissa, you have got me craving a breakfast burrito in the worst way now. . . and apple turnovers! I haven't had one of those in forever.

I'm glad it was a good mother's day for you. Ours ended in Lilly throwing up in the back seat followed by me throwing up as soon as we could pull over. Everything else was good about it though. :-)

Lindsey & Jared said...

VERY cute! I am glad you had such an awesome Mother's day! Sorry I missed you when I was out there, but we will meet up in June!