Thursday, August 5, 2010


30 ~ 30 ~ 30
My BIG sister Tiffany Andersen Ray is 30 today...

Tiffany is the oldest of the Andersen children. We are standing in birth order in this picture so she is the one in the white shirt. She lives in Meridian Idaho with her husband and 4 children. Her oldest and only girl is Kimberley and she is almost 12. Then she has 3 boys all under 5. Logan just turned 5, Owen will be 2 this month, and baby Evan who is almost 6 months old.
She LOVES to be crafty. She does cross-stitching and scrapbooks. She also loves to sew and my children are getting AMAZING chirstmas gifts this year with her recent sewing stuff!! I have also been lucky to recieve a few cross-stitches she has done. As teenagers you would have thought we were going to KILL eachother, but with time we have all become friends and enjoy each others company. She and her family visit about once a year to California and we were lucky this last visit we were ALL able to get together. She makes me laugh when we call to talk to eachother because we usually call for a quick question and we end up gabbing away for hours. Our poor children get neglected when we get on the phone! It is nice to have a big sister like her to call up and gab with anytime!! THANKS TIFFANY!!
Your favorite Fresno Family wishes you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we hope ALL YOUR WILDEST DREAMS COME TRUE!!

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Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday to me! But remember, I'm only 28 (plus 2). :p I know Logan is ridiculously smart and seems like he is five, but he just turned 4. So I actually have 3 BOYS aged 4 and under. It has been crazy...poppy diapers and screaming kids, but I'm now looking at blogs and ignoring the mess....can't wait for dinner tonight....I'm leaning towards Golden Corral. :)