Saturday, August 14, 2010


is quite possibly the best person I have ever known.
He is the epitome of a father, and completely full of unconditional love.
He is a hard worker and strives to do his very best in everything he does.
As a child my father was my hero.
He played with us all the time, and truly enjoyed having children.
He was often gone at work or doing church callings,
but he never missed an opportunity to play with us when he was home.
He showed us how to work hard and play hard.
His example was like a shinning star... beautiful and bright for all to see.
As a teenager my father was the voice of reason.
I remember hearing him tell me things and knowing he was right;
but me still doing what I wanted to do anyways.
He was very compassionate with us, and rarely raised his voice.
(with a house full of 5 girls and 1 boy that is quite an accomplishment)
I got grounded often, and was sent to my room for being sassy,
but the worst punishment I received was when my father would say
"I am disappointed in the choices you are making."
MAN did that hurt worse than anything else he could have done.
That was the perfect thing for him to do to get me back in line.
Who would want to disappoint their father?
As a Young Adult my father became my foundation.
I moved out with a girlfriend right after High School and quickly realized I was missing something.
This caused me many sleepless nights before I was able to recognize that missing piece...
It finally hit me... I did not have any "male protection",
and most importantly I did not have the priesthood in my home.
As soon as I moved back home, I immediately felt what I had been missing,
and I was very thankful to have it back in my life.
As a new bride my father became my educator and shield.
Learning to live on my own with someone I loved
was not as easy as I thought it would be.
I found myself calling my parents and asking them for help on many occasions.
I also called my father constantly about questions I had with the church.
When becoming that new bride, I took on more responsibility,
 and made covenants with God.
My father was always willing to listen to my questions and help me find those answers I desperately needed.
Through the examples of my parents I knew what a marriage should be,
and I strive to find that in my relationship with my husband everyday.
As a new mother my father became my hero again.
He actually took on EVERY role I have listed above,
 but in a new "supportive grand-father" way.
I learned the love that you have for your children really can not be explained,
and there is nothing they could do to make you not love them.
His every act of kindness, the time he spent with us children,
the memories of us playing with him came rushing back to me.
It made me WANT to be like that with the little lives I was blessed with.
My father is the finest father I could have ever wanted or needed.
He is the greatest person to lead me and my siblings along the path of life.
He is the supreme example of Christlike Love.
I pray that one day my children will know how lucky they are to have my father as a grandfather,
there is no better man to take that place.
(my father and me on my wedding day)
I wish him the BEST in everything,
I know I need to pattern my life with his so
I will be able to see him when this life is over.
It would be an honor to be able to live with him in heaven.

I hope he has the most wonderful Birthday this year, and knows of all the people that love him immensely!!
THANK YOU just is not enough... but I hope it will do. ANYWAYS...
 (Bryan and Lisa Andersen, THE BEST PARENTS EVER!!)


Kristen said...

Wow, that was a very touching and sweet tribute, and I'm sure your dad will love to read that.

Lindsey & Jared said...

That was beautiful Melissa! You are absolutely right, he was my surrogate father there for a while, and has always been a blessing to me and my family.

Tiffany said...

AMEN!!!! (Really what more could I say. You did it perfectly!)