Monday, August 23, 2010


Today Hailey came running into me saying "I need to go poo poo mommy."
So we RAN into the bathroom, I pulled down her skirt and panties (usually I have her do this to learn what she needs to do, but we needed to hurry up here) and I threw her on the toilet.
After a few "pushes" she said to me.
"Mommy, It's too hard."
I giggled a little under my breath, and said,
"It's OK sweet girl. PUSH real hard, you can do it."
After a few more pushes there was relief.
"Mommy I pushed the poo poos in the potty." her eyes lit up!
"YEAH, what a good girl!" I said to her as her smile grew bigger and bigger...
I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

On a TOTAL side note, THIS is the skirt she was wearing today...
It is a bathing suit cover up of mine she HAD to wear. She calls it her Ballerina Dress. And YES she picked out her shirt and did her hair ALL by herself... I am SO PROUD! :)

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