Tuesday, August 3, 2010

PJ Day ~

Most of the time I get the kids ready for the day after breakfast... I get them dressed, fix up hair, and I even get ready myself...
TODAY we are staying in our PJ's!!
And while we stay in our PJ's Hailey is getting REALLY good at puzzles. (man this picture makes me want to brush her hair SO Bad)
And Landon...
is getting REALLY good at wearing Mommy's shoes. He found my indoor soccer shoes and decided he needed to wear them today while going "shopping" around the house. (it is better than wearing mommy's heals... right?) And I too am in my PJ's but that picture would be INAPPROPRIATE in SO many ways! :) SO TODAY we declare PJ DAY... that is until we have to leave the house to go HOUSE HUNTING and take Hailey to Lil' Kickers... WISH US LUCK on that one! ~:)

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