Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My list of things I need to do today goes a little like THIS:

1) I NEED to vote!
I have been reading up on all the propositions, but I still need to figure out how I want to vote on some of them. The wording in one "pro" thing sounds good, but then the "con" sometimes sounds good to me too... And when I try to read the WHOLE proposition I get confused about everything. Can someone who is TOTALLY UN-BIASED PLEASE make me a "voting for dummies 2010 version"... when all else fails I call upon good old dad to see how he is voting... he helps make sense of it all... This is what we Californians are currently dealing with. I don't remember having to research so many props before...
Prop 19 – Will make Marijuana legal to use for anyone of legal age
Prop 20 – Changes who decides on Congressional redistricting
Prop 21 – $18 vehicle license fee to go towards state parks
Prop 22 – Will prevent California from borrowing from infrastructure funds ~
Prop 23 – Would get rid of the Air Pollution Control Law ~ good idea... but really
Prop 24 – Repeals lowered business taxes
Prop 25 – Legislative budget vote requirement
Prop 26 – Requires 2/3′s vote to raise many business fees
Prop 27 – Decides who should draw legislative district boundaries 

2) I need to do "throw-up" Laundry. You know the Laundry you can not leave for the next Laundry Day...(or am I the only one who has a Laundry-Clean day) So Yeah... I was waiting for all the sickies to be gone so I could once and for all get that taken care of... THAT will be fun...

3) I need to wish my parents a
31 years!!
Is that not amazing??
And the most amazing thing about it is that they are still going strong. One of the things I love about my parents is that since us "children" have gotten older our opinion and thoughts are really taken to heart with them. I know as a child and as a teenager I needed them to guide me, but I really appreciate the relationship I have with them now. I feel like I can tell them anything and in turn talk to them about anything. Too often I hear about parents who always feel the need to parent, and won't let their children "SOAR" ... I am thankful for their example as to what a loving relationship is, and thankful that they are letting me and all my siblings SOAR! Mom and Dad... YOU ARE THE BEST! I love you for everything you have done for me, and love you even more for the things I know you are going to continue to do for me!! Congratulations on yet another wonderful year...

4) Fill out paperwork for Hailey and getting things rolling for Future School and Testing...

I hope YOUR day is FILLED with VOTING and GOOD THINGS! :)

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