Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Our little family got visitors today!!
Grandma and Grandpa Bird, (Matt's Fathers Parents) Aunt Susan, Aunt Diane and Ally, and Aunt Jeanine came to Fresno. We had a little lunch at our house and Matt was able to come home. It is ALWAYS fun when we get together with the extended Bird Family! It was really sweet to see everyone and nice to let them see our new house.
The kids enjoyed them visiting too because Aunt Jeanine came with hand-me-down toys...
She called me and told me she had alot, and she was NOT Kidding!!
It came nicely packed away, but the kids got into it and this was the aftermath!!
Landon and Hailey's favorite toy right now is what Hailey call's "My Instruments!"
Jeanine said "I hope you really like the drums I brought!" haha...
We got enough for a whole band for sure!
We really enjoy the toys you have shared with us!!

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AngelaBeth said...

My first thought was 'man Christmas could have been free!'.

I suppose this is why I am not a mother.. hahahahhaa. I'm so cheap. :P