Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby Baker ~

I know her name is Morgan Baker, but I have been calling her Baby Baker for so long...
We had the PLEASURE of going over to see this sweet little girl when she was just two days old. LUCKILY none of us were sick! :)
 Is she not the SWEETEST little thing or WHAT??
 This shows how small she was... I LOVE seeing my hubby hold babies... PRECIOUS!
 And this is Landon OH SO HAPPY... you would think he was happy because he had just met his future wife... but NO he is happy because he got THIS...
YEP, that my friends is how my kid eats a piece of watermelon... Grandma Baker gave it to him, and he LOVED her for it!
It was a GREAT trip to visit the new family. The parents are doing GREAT, and LOOKED great for having a newborn!! The other night I got to meet Spencer at Target to help him get stuff for a breast pump... we took care of business! :)
Congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL new addition!!

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