Thursday, December 16, 2010


The BIRD Family has a special Christmas Tradition. They all get a Hand Knitted Christmas Stocking when they are born (or married) into the family. These stockings are usually at my in laws house hanging up on their fireplace, but this year Matt and I wanted to start our own traditions in our new house so we got our special stockings to hang on our fireplace.
This is my stocking. It has my name at the top, my birth date and this Angel with a horn...
When the kids saw the horn they did THIS...
 And as they blew they would say " Do Do Do DOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
 I might need to remove them from the fireplace, but until that happens I can get a laugh out of this! :)
Merry Christmas from the Horn Playing Birds! :)

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Kara said...

LOVE all of our Bird stockings. Grandma Bird made Drew's stocking, but our girls still need one. I guess I should learn how to knit (or get really rich and pay someone to do it). I think you have some future musicians in your family (think marching band).