Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Books From Grandma ~

My mother (Grandma Andersen) sent all her grand kids a SPECIAL SURPRISE this Christmas Season.
Each family received a Christmas Basket with 24 wrapped gifts.
Each night of December the kids get to choose ONE gift to open together.
 These little gifts are Christmas Books, and let me tell you my kids LOVE them already...
 The Christmas Basket and the Wrapping Paper matched SO CUTE!!
 Hailey picked the first night, and Landon picked the second night...

Our first little book was about Santa's Elves's. Last night our book was The Little Drummer Boy and Landon LOVED when we sang the song and drummed with out hands on the book.
Grandma, you NEVER cease to amaze us!
This has taken place of our scripture reading at night because LET'S FACE it, the kids are not going to sit through a book AND 5 verses of the scriptures...
LOVIN' this new little tradition! Now I better find cute wrapping paper, my job is to re-wrap them every year for the kids to enjoy over and over...
I wonder what Book we get to read tonight!!

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