Monday, December 13, 2010


We as a family went to visit my family in Sacramento, but we did not stay together long... My husband Matt and my little brother Preston went SNOWBOARDING!! Matt has wanted to go for a while with Preston, and was finally able to schedule it. It was Preston's first time snowboarding, so he got a Learn to Ride pass, and Matt said he did GREAT! They did not take a camera, so no pictures, but they loved it either way. They went to Sugar Bowl in Tahoe.
 I went there with Matt B.K. (before kids) and enjoyed myself. I was a NATURAL, and so was my brother. He picked it up right away, and they had a blast!
While they did that I SHOPPED away with my Mother and sister Sharon. Oh how I LOVE shopping with them!! They help with the kids and the extra hands for kids is OH SO NICE!! I have two sweet stories from the weekend... FIRST... My mom made some Pumpkin Bread, and when she gave a piece to Landon he happily took it and told her " MMMMMM Nummm Nummm" which is what he says to things he LOVES. Then while we were out and about we got a Slurpee at Target, and while I was taking Hailey out of the basket I took it out of her hand for a moment and she reached back for it saying " My Delicious... MY DELICIOUS..." it was TOO funny! The kids LOVED the visit. They got a little time with everyone and always get spoiled! They especially liked what we came home with... PRESENTS!! :)
Matt and I have come to really enjoy these ROAD TRIPS. We always talk on the drive and we really get UN-interrupted time together. We estimated we had made this EXACT trip over 30 times since we have gotten married. We know how lucky we are to be so near to family, and I hope we always take advantage of that! With the kids in the back watching a movie, we just talk away. During church my family was entertaining the children and it was SO nice to sit there and hold hands. We both talked about how we did this not even thinking when we were dating, and now I think it means even more because we make that special effort with each other to hold hands ... its the little things people!!
We got home with all the presents and decided it was time to put them under the tree. Her is to HOPING the kids don't think Christmas comes early this year!! :)
OH! And we saw the movie Charlie St. Cloud while we were there. We rented it from Redbox... I TOTALLY recommend it! SO worth the dollar rental fee! :)

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