Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Pictures 2010

I am fasting today, so to get my mind off all the WONDERFUL foods sitting in front of my face mocking me I decided I should do a post with some Christmas Pictures. It was a great day! We had LOTS of fun, and the kids enjoyed ALL the presents they got!!
The Andersen Family Tradition goes a little like this. We pull names for Christmas this way we aren't buying something for EVERY PERSON... then on Christmas Eve you get to open that present from the family member who drew your name...
 Hailey got this ADORABLE Apron from her cousin Kimberley Ray... Of course she had to put it on right away then head to her little play kitchen to make some food with it. SHE LOVES IT!
 And Landon got THIS neat little CAR CARRIER from his cousin Logan Ray... it was a BIG hit! He had to get more cars to use on this little track. You put the cars in the number spaces and it folds up perfectly... we took it to church... besides hearing "beep beep... and VROOMMMMM" every so often it was a GREAT way for the kids to keep occupied.
 Hailey and Landon BOTH enjoyed their gifts from their cousins!! I got a box of See's Candy and a Gift Card for MORE See's Candy's from my sister Crystal and Matt got an Osculating tool he has wanted from my Dad!!
 Before we headed to sleep we opened our last book from Grandma and put out Cookies and Milk for Santa... we thought Hailey had gotten that they were for Santa, until the next morning when she noticed the cookies were gone and she said "Hey, where did my cookies go?" Everything is hers right now... not an easy stage to go through... I have talked about the Bird Family Tradition before with the stockings... you get ALOT in those nice stretchy things... we enjoyed BOTH family traditions on our own this year! (see below)
 "Santa" wrapped most of their presents, but we all went to the Dollar Store to get something for each other for our stockings on Christmas Eve Day. Matt and I switched off the kids and who we were buying for... Dollar Store Stocking Stuffers is the WAY TO GO!
 In the morning Hailey was SO excited. She ran into our room and woke me up asking "IS SANTA HERE?" We had to wake up Landon and head out. She LOVED opening her Stocking presents...
 Landon looks like a pirate in that picture...
It took him a little longer to open up to the "Early Morning Festivities"
 Here they are opening presents. They REALLY enjoyed this part of the day...
 Landon gave me a kiss after he got Toy Story 3 and a Toy Story T-Shirt... he is SO sweet!
 Hailey LOVED this viewfinder she and Landon got from "Santa"...
 And since Landon is my little COLORING MACHINE I thought it would be neat to see him use a HUGE pen, he rocked it without a problem!!
 And I got an AMAZING gift from my husband. The Hoover Floor Mate. The box tells me I will never need to touch a broom or mop again in my life... I hope this is TRUE! It vacuums, mops and then dries up the water from mopping all in one little machine. It is specifically made for hard floors... laminate wood and tile... HELLO! My floors better SHINE from now on!!!
 And the big gift the kids got was a Train Table Set. The LOVED it!
 They played with it for quite some time. Landon would walk around the table in circles pushing his little train saying "Choo Choo..." SO MUCH FUN!
 And not sure if you can tell but Hailey has THREE packs of PEZZ Candy in her mouth in this picture... yeah she had a great day!!
And THIS is how I roll. Drinking my A&W Root Beer from my Margarita Fresno State Glass... yeah... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!
(P.S. No, I had not had a shower yet... no judging it was Christmas!)

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Nichole said...

wow, sounds like a great time. Your floor cleaner from Matt sounds great too. You'll have to do a post about how it works so we can see what you think about it.