Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

these TWO fine sponsors... (they provided the fun...)
Pump It Up is an Inflatable Party Place for kids (people) of all ages. There is a Pump It Up a few Buildings away from Matt's work. They have a Jumping Special on Mon. Wed. and Fri. for ages 2-7 to come and jump to their hearts content!! It runs from 10:00 am- 11:30 am. We decided to treat Hailey to a fun time there for her BIG 2 Birthday!! Here she is climbing the stairs to slide on the big slide.....
Here she is coming out of the bounce house. I would have liked to get a picture of her face, but this just goes to show how much fun she was having that she could not stop to smile for the camera! Beth and Brinne Swann meet us there, and I know Beth got better pictures than I did. THANKS BETH! ~ Maybe I'll post them later....
This was the big slide. This picture is nice because Brinne is climbing the stairs, Beth is leaning over the side getting a picture of Hailey as she slid down.... Hailey had a BLAST on this slide!!
This was the climbing rock slide jumper thing. It was CRAZY in there! Matt came to join us for a few minutes while Hailey jumped and he got video of her climbing in there. This was a hit for the kids for sure!
Now this picture does not do this Jumper justice. On this you run up the middle and try to place a Velcro ribbon on the top star. Beth got some good pictures of Matt trying this out. It looked like alot of fun!!
After the hour and a half was over we headed over to B.K. Lighting to see where Matt worked. It is a very nice facility. Very clean and cute. We were able to meet a few of Matt's coworkers that we have heard alot about. It was nice to put a face to the names. We had lunch there with Matt and then we headed home to get some MUCH needed naps in, and grab a few things for the Chuck E Cheese Party that night!!
This is Hailey and Rylie eating Pizza at Chuck E Cheese. Grandma and Grandpa Bird drove up with Rylie to celebrate Hailey's Birthday. I think the girls had alot of fun playing together! ~
And here is her Birthday Cake. We decided on Tinkerbell because she has been watching that movie alot lately. We got mini cupcakes for us to enjoy, and the cake was ALL Hailey's to eat....
But she just stuck her fingers into the frosting and ate a cupcake.... Matt and I were looking forward to her demolishing her birthday cakes, but so far birthday 1 and 2 she has been dainty and not wanting to make a huge mess.
This is a picture Rylie took right before we opened presents. Hailey got alot of fun gifts from the family! It sure is nice to have Grandparents and Aunties and Uncles who love you!!
This picture is CLASSIC Grandpa Bird. After the girls were done with the tokens they were going to use, Matt and Dad thought they should get a go at trying to score some big tickets!! I was stuck at the tables watching baby and goodies, so I was not able to see them in all their glory!! Matt and Dad had a blast getting rid of the tokens, and this is Dad with some of their winnings around his neck.....
Landon has been SO fun with his facial expressions as of late! Grandma was getting him to giggle and talk to her. He loves when people talk to him, what a big boy!!
And Matt can't go out in public and not make this little butterball laugh hysterically when he tickles him. We all had a great time, but I think I am safe at saying we were all glad to get home and get the girls into bed. It was a LONG day for me, and we had a full day the next day with going out on the boat with friends and a Relief Society Social!!
We hope Hailey will be able to remember her Second Birthday! We love you sweetheart! We hope this birthday was a special one!!

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