Monday, May 18, 2009

Question ~

I was going to post today about Hailey's Birthday and the CRAZY fun we had... then post about our boating weekend with our friends... but right now I have a more important thing to post.... Does anyone know how to get K-Y Jelly out of the carpet?? (actually a bathroom rug, I would put it through the washer, but it is falling apart on the backside.... maybe it is time for a new bathroom rug.....) I know TMI.. but whatever... I was cleaning up one mess Princess made in the front room , and came onto another one.... Is it naptime yet???? ~


Nichole said...

No way! Kyle just did the same thing! I have a carpet shampooer that if you need, we can bring it over. I'll probably do it to my carpet a little later.

Bird is the Word said...

Nichole ~ Our kids are NUTS!! Gotta Love them!!

Sapp Family said...

Thank you, I needed a laugh. :)